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New 2017 Yonex ASTROX Series

New 2017 Yonex ASTROX Series


A new badminton racket series is being released by Yonex!  The new ASTROX series is designed to give your shots a steeper angle as well as faster acceleration in your swings. 

The ASTROX 77 badminton racket is set for worldwide release on September 15

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The ASTROX 77 is designed for intermediate to advanced level players which is the vast majority of badminton players out there.

The new ASTROX series is constructed with a New Revolutionary Carbon (5th Gen Carbon).  The carbon nanotubes are directly attached to carbon fiber which dramatically enhances interface adherence between carbon fiber and resin making it a stronger material.

Due to the new structure and material, the racket is more stable during slower swings (drive shots) and accelerates faster during fast swings (smash shots). 

Increased stability during drives will enable you to prepare for your next shot without losing power since the racket shaft recovers faster after each shot due to its construction.

During fast swings, the racket shaft flexes more and recovers in the same amount of time as a conventional racket, meaning it has faster acceleration.  Faster acceleration during a smash means that you will get more power out of your shot!

In addition, the ASTROX utilizes a Counterbalance Weight Distribution which allocates weight to different parts of the racket (grip, joint, upper head) making the racket more stable.  With this design, less momentum is lost, allowing you to rapidly transition from one shot to the next.







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