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ASHAWAY ZYMAX 67 - RED (200m Reel)


  • $159.99 CAD

Ashaway ZyMax 67 has the highest Tension maintenance of any badminton string

Maintains Tension Throughout string Life
Unique ZyWeaVe Core prevents tension loss

- ZyWeaVe Core Prevents Tension Loss
- Braided Surface for Superior Control
0.67mm / 22 Gauge

- Micro gauge gives Excellent Feedback and sound
- unrivalled combination of Repulsion and Durability

Recommended Usage
- Amatuer to Professional Players
- Maintains tension at all tensions for Consistent Performance

Recommended tension - up to 30lbs.

Quite Simply the Best Badminton String in the World

review: softer; definitely feels thinner than just the 0.01 mm difference; very crisp; you can definitely feel the shuttle more as you hit it; wrist friendly and amateur friendly

smoother texture but not slippery; less grip; slice shots have less feel, traction, and repulsion

easier to bend and generate power

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