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Black Knight Jr Graphite Badminton Racket

black knight

  • $30.00 CAD

Characteristics: With its graphite shaft, it is lighter and more responsive than steel shaft models.  The short length makes it much easier to learn proper technique and to enjoy playing badminton. It is an excellent value with light weight.

Overall length is 60 cm (versus the standard 66.5 cm). This racquet is sold with a headcover.

Designed for: The Graphite Junior is designed to benefit young players up to about 10 years of age or people with coordination problems.

Frame: 60 cm junior length, strong aluminum head, graphite shaft, reinforced aluminum ”T”

String: Lonfibre SX21
String Tension: 15-18 lbs.
Average Frame Weight (AFW): 95 grams
Overall length: 60.0 cm 

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