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Kumpoo Power Control Woven A560 Badminton racket


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Kumpoo uses Japanese original woven material at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock of woven series rackets. Because of its super light and high strength, Kumpoo woven series rackets can increase the strength of 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock effectively and bear high impact force in the movement.

According to SOTX, "Woven Material is made from a combination of 800D high grade carbon fiber and high grade glass fiber. It produces a racket with far greater elasticity than from the traditional material, resulting in far better grip. Woven is through a process of high technology. It does not contain liquid form material. The racket is therefore more stable and more efficient in impact control.

With 90 degree scientific patterning, the racket has the best force-withstanding ability. Therefore with the Woven patterning racketing, the maximum threading poundage can even exceed 30 pounds. Woven is different from the traditional design (different angles employing different carbon particles). It enables proper balance of impact so as to achieve perfection in structural stability."

Material: high rigidity carbon fiber yarn and WOVEN material
Softness: Soft | - | - | - | - | Hard
Weight: (g): 87 ± 1
Length: (mm): 675
Balance: (mm): 288 ± 3
Net pressure: (lbs): 24-30

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