SKINETEX Kinesiology Atheletic Tape 5M Roll Pack

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Skinetex Kinesiology Tape Proud partner of AthletesCAN The elasticity of the Skinetex Kinesiology Tape lifts the skin and create more space between the skin and the muscle. This will provide better lymph drainage and blood flow where the tape was applied. Better blood flow not only aid the muscle to recover and heal quicker, it enhances performance. The elasticity of the tape also help take a small load off the muscle when stretched along the desired muscle. This gives the muscle more rest to recover quicker. Be passionate. Be brave. Defy your limits. Each pack consist a 5cm x 5m roll. Features:  Treat and prevent sport injuries Help instantly relieve pain Support muscles and joints Enhance athletic performance Breathable, hypoallergenic latex-free cotton Water resistant to last up to 5 days or more

- 5cm x 5m (2″ x 16.4')

- Adhesive strength: Strong

- Flexibility: 180%, same as the skin to be more comfortable and to allow full range of motion.

- 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Comfortable to wear with less reaction to sensitive skin.

- Designed to keep its elasticity longer than the competitors.

- Water resistant.

- Can last up to 5 days.

- Includes informational and instructional leaflet in each box.

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