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Victor Jetspeed S 8PS Badminton Racket


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Victor Jet Speed S 8PS Badminton Racket is a fast attacking racket. Designed with speed in mind for rapid racket movements in both doubles and singles. This racket uses the air cutting sword profile from the Brave Sword series with ideas from nature for rapid racket reactions.

Aero Sword Frame - Head frame shape similar to that of a knights sword for aerodynamics and powerful repulsion

Shark Tec Skin - A shark skin is rough, yet effective for cutting through the water. The JetSpeed uses this principle through the air to increase the headspeed for a quicker racket movement

Nano Fortify - A lightweight carbon net improving frame strength and durability at a lower weight than standard materials. Used in key areas to prevent head torsion.

Zxion - A liquid crystal technology in the frame absorbs vibrations.

Isometric Head a squarer head shape enlarges the sweet spot for a greater power area of the string bed

Maximum String Tension 28lbs

Product Spec

Shaft Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite+Nano Fortify+7.0 SHAFT
Frame Material: ZXION+Ultra High Modulus Graphite+Nano Resin
String tension LBS: H≤ 27 lbs, V≤ 27 lbs H≤ 26 lbs, V≤ 26 lbs
Weight / Grip Size: 3U/G4.5 4U/G5
Length: 675mm
Balance: HH○○●○○HL
Stiffness: S○●○○○F
Racket Response Indicator:



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