Victor VT-XD8 Insoles


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Product Feature

VICTOR multi-functional High Resilient Sporting Insoles feature the latest ENERGYMAX3.0 resilience enhancing technology, inserted with high elastic cushion for optimal foot fit and comfort. Additional rippled design and rhomboidal pattern for exceptional anti-slip effect.  
1. Comfort upgrade: 
ENERGYMAX 3.0 resilience enhancing technology features increased resilience up to 62% compared to conventional EVA materials, offering absolute efficiency and comfort. The inserted high elastic cushion are highly durable and provides perfect cushioning at impacts. 
2. Stability upgrade: 
Ergonomic design gives the ultimate foot arch and heel support, strengthening protection for intense movements. The highly intensified EVA under foot arch provides extra stability. 
3. Anti-slip upgrade:
Rippled anti-slip structure is designed at the front-foot in computer-calculated spaces according to human foot arch to make the best grip during extreme movements, while the anti-slip arcs on the back enhances both its flexibility and the anti-slip effect.
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