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Yonex Voltric Z Force I Limited Edition Badminton Racquet


  • $259.00 CAD

This limited edition Voltric Z-force commemorates the 2012 Olympic Games in London that showcased the many fine athletes of badminton today.  

Dominate your opponents rally after rally with the ultra-powerful Voltric Z-force badminton racquet.  The innovative TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM ᵀ throws an explosion of strength behind each smash, without sacrificing the speed of your swing. The ultra slim long shaft and the smaller frame make the racquet feel like an extension of your forearm for ultimate control. NANOPREME ᵀ technology in the frame increases repulsion power, without weighing you down.  The VTZF-LTD racquet combines control, power and speed to create an unstoppable force on the court.


-Limited edition racquet

-Ideal for advanced players 

Materials: Frame: H.M. Graphite, Sound Filter, Ex-HMG, Tungsten, Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Nanopreme, Flex: Stiff.


*SP version*

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