Yonex SHB 87 EX Badminton Shoe [White/Black]

Yonex SHB 87 EX Badminton Shoe [White/Black]


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Replacement for the SHB 86 Badminton Shoes, Improved fitting and landing stability provide sharper movements Upper: P.U. Leather Polyester Mesh Tough Guard IIIMidsole: ToughBrid Light Power Cushion Solid E.V.A.Outsole: RubberColour: Red/Black Red/Black

  • Power Cushion (3 Layers) – The hard top and bottom layers absorb 30% more shock than our original Power Cushion and provide 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy. The soft middle layer quickly returns to its original shape after receiving a shock load, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.
  • ToughBrid Light – ToughBrid Light retains the exact performance as ToughBrid yet is 11%* lighter, generating a significant reduction in leg and knee stress.
  • Round Sole – The Yonex Round Sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. The Round Sole integrated into the forefoot and heel of the shoe to minimize power loss, ensuring smooth movements the transfer of maximum energy to successive movements.
  • Power Cushion Insole CF – Rounding the area from the middle of the foot to the heel. Better fitting insole design (heel). Produce quicker more nimble footwork.
  • Hexagrip – Special designed sole for agile and stable footwork. The Hexagrip patter is made from newly-developed material that provides 3% more gripping power and is 20% lighter than an ordinary material.
  • Lateral Shell – The Lateral Shell located on the outside of the forefoot prevents sliding at the edge of the sole. It reduces power loss, increases footwork response and creates smooth, fluid and offensive foot movements.
  • ToughGuard III – Three times stronger than ordinary synthetic leather and more resistant against heat for prolonged comfort and better performance.


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