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Victor Thruster F Badminton Racket [TAI TZU YING]

Victor Thruster F Badminton Racket [TAI TZU YING]

Victor's newest racket, the Thruster F, is now available for purchase!


This racket is currently being used by the World No.1 women's singles player, Tai Tzu Ying, and French Open men's doubles champion, Lee Jhe Huei.  


4U / G5, G6
STRING TENSION LBS ≦32 lbs (14.5Kg)
≦ 31lbs (14Kg)
SHAFT MATERIAL High Resilient Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.4 SHAFT



This racket is the newest addition to the Thruster K series, meaning that it has a head heavy balance.

The combination of an integrated square-head frame and highly anti-torsion slim shaft provides the THRUSTER F with a larger sweet spot. The smart weight distribution and resilient shaft make it easier to serve and control the shuttlecock, achieving more powerful and effective attacks.

What's new?

 One of the new features of this racket is the design of the racket head frame known as TRI-FORMATION.  It is constructed using 3 different frame shapes, SWORD, AERO, and POWER BOX.

This racket also features a larger more square-headed racket frame which increases the sweet spot by 4%.

The Anti-Torsion is increased by 15.7%, creating a more stable shaft which allows efficient transfer of energy and increases precision in shots.


First Impressions:

After hitting with a 3U version of this racket for a few sessions, here are my first impressions of the racket.

The racket is heavy in the hands but doesn't feel like your typical head heavy racket. I felt the weight mostly at the bottom half of the racket head near the T-joint instead of at the top of the frame. This might be due to the Tri-Formation technology, using 3 different frame-shape types from top to bottom. (sword, aero, box)

Even though the racket is heavy, I felt that drives were quite easy and powerful due to the sword frame at the top of the racket accelerating the swings.

Racket is moderately stiff and is quite solid when clearing.

Coming from using the Brave Sword 9N, this racket is definitely heavier. Even the 4U version is quite heavy.

Overall I feel this racket is more suited for singles play, and will take some time to get used to but is definitely a great racket nonetheless.



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