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    String Model Gauge  Description Material/Composition Price
    Babolat Xcel  16 The increase in durability will allow stronger players with longer strokes to enjoy maximum playability. Suitable to all ability levels Multifilament

    Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour


    Quite firm, best for intermediate to advanced baseliners with long, fast strokes. Excellent durability. Great option for power baseliners who want the ultimate in spin, control, and durability.

    Extruded monofilament with octagonal profile


    Babolat RPM Blast 

    17 Slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. Slightly softer feel than traditional polyesters. ideal choice for big hitters with heavier racquets seeking maximum control, durability, and spin. Extruded monofilament with octagonal profile
    Babolat RPM Blast + VS 17/16 RPM Blast creates exceptional control with tremendous access to spin while VS Gut provides top notch power, comfort and feel. This offers the best of both worlds for the player seeking the best in performance from their string bed. Extruded monofilament with octagonal profile and natural gut
    Head Rip Control 17 Impressive dampening and surprising durability. Offers a rare blend of comfort and control. Copolymer (nylon) fibers and polyolefin ribbons
    Head Sonic Pro 17 Offers excellent control and touch. Gives soft-feeling and a livelier response. Polyester
    Head Synthetic Gut PPS  17 A solid core synthetic offering a lively feel and good ball bite. Offers a nice level of comfort and is a solid choice for players seeking performance over durability. Polyamide Copolymer core / Polyphenylene Sulfide PowerStrip / Polyamide 6 wrap / Pearl Polyamide coating.
    Head Ultratour 17 Designed for durability with the benefit of a soft elastic feel. Perfect for power players Monofilament copolymer/polyester
    Luxilon Adrenaline 16L The control-oriented response also makes this a spin-friendly offering, as players will find the confidence needed to keep swing speeds high. Liquid crystalline Polymer. Monofilament
    Luxilon Savage 127 16 Featuring a hexagonal cross section, this string bites the ball well for hard hitters wanting extreme topspin. Recommended especially for strong, heavy topspin baseliners seeking a durable, control string that will generate even greater spin.
    Coming-polyester Monofilament
    Wilson NXT  16 Players with slow to moderate swing speeds will benefit from the power of NXT. It's also great for all types of players that love the classic gut-like feel of a multifilament.  Multifilament Xycro Micro fibers bonded with polyurethane
    Wilson Sensation  16 Known for its vibration dampening qualities.  Long-standing reputation as an arm-friendly string choice.  For those seeking a more comfortable selection compared to the stiffer synthetic guts. Dupont Zycro Micro fiber core surrounded by a multifilament outer wrap
    Wilson Stamina  16 Tensilast wraps around the central core that help to increase durability by resisting notching. This is a good string choice for players breaking regular synthetic guts too quickly but do not want to switch to a much stiffer polyester based string. Monofilament polyamide + Tensilast outerwrap
    Wilson Synthetic Gut Power  16 Offers an impressive combination of power and control in a very arm-friendly package. Feel is comfortably crisp and is well suited to players who want great all around performance. Solid Core Synthetic Gut with high energy wraps
    Yonex Super 850 Pro 16 Offers a high level of playability and is a solid choice for players seeking a solid and crisp response from the stringed.  Exceptional control and ball feel as well as good access to spin. Ultra-thin blended nylon multifilament core, ultra-thin double winding wraps and a Spin coating.


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