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     All Racquet Sport Online Store 

    Yumo Pro Shop was formed in 2010 from hosting tournaments and ran out of a badminton centre. Now focusing online ecommerce all racquet sport online store. Since then we have expanded in a wide variety of products. 

    All racquet supply, sporting equipment such as Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Pickleball. We carry all sort of gears including racquets, court shoes, shuttles (shuttlecocks), racket strings, racquet bags, racquet grips  rackets, paddle, sport recovery, and other accessories.


    Yumo Store Location - Richmond, BC Canada

    At the Store we specialize in Badminton, we carry a large variety of badminton gears to suit your needs. We offers a comprehensive line of badminton equipment for recreational and professional customers enabling customers to select the right equipment to suit their personal playing styles.

    If you have questions about any of the racquet equipment that we sell, please feel free email us at We are here to help you choose the right badminton gear. You can save and get quality badminton gear at the same time from Yumo Pro Shop.

    Here at Yumo we also offer a trade-in program. So if you have some high end rackets that you don't use anymore please feel free to bring them in, call or send us a email on the product you would like and what racket you have to trade in for a quote. Also check out our used rackets.

    Yumo Pro Shop works together with third party vendors working hard to find your sporting equipment needs. From the newest to discontinued models we try hard to search from all sources in Canada and Asia. 

    In-store we also carry small variety of Butterfly table tennis, Black Knight Squash & Yonex Tennis equipment. 

    Everything else needs to be made online and is available for pick up in store usually within 1-7 business days. 


    Yumo Pro Shop

    Tel: +16044450825

    Business Hours:
    Monday to Sunday  10:00AM - 6:00PM

    *Statutory Holidays we are not open. 

    1053-2560 Shell Road
    Richmond, BC V6X 0B8


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