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Essential Items to Keep in Your Badminton Bag

Essential Items to Keep in Your Badminton Bag

Just starting out in badminton and not sure what you need to bring to the court?  Don't worry cause we have you covered!  Having the right items can prepare you to deal with any situation that arises and thus maximizing your playing experience.  Although people might have their own set of items that they bring with them, we have created a list of key items that we feel is essential to most players.

Our List of Essential Badminton Items:


1) Badminton Racket

If you are playing badminton, then of course you will need a badminton racket!  Badminton rackets come in many different types.  Read our How to Choose a Badminton Racket guide if you are unsure where to start.  Many players carry 2-3 rackets with them so that they have a back-up racket in case the strings break. 


2) Badminton Shoes

Many people play badminton in running shoes or even just casual shoes that they wear everyday.  We cannot stress how important it is to get a pair of badminton shoes because they are made specifically for badminton!  Wearing runners is a bad idea because they generally have a lot of cushion but no lateral support, making it very easy to injure your ankle.  Badminton shoes have both adequate cushion and lateral support, keeping you safe while allowing you to move freely around the court.  Check out our collection of badminton shoes.


3) Shuttlecock

The type of shuttlecock you should get depends on your level of play.  If you don't know the difference between the two types of shuttlecocks, I'd suggest you check out our post on Badminton Shuttles: Feather vs. Nylon.  You should always carry a tube of shuttlecocks because not everyone brings one when they play.  And besides, wouldn't it be silly if you meet up with your friends to play some badminton and nobody brought shuttles?


4) Badminton Bag

 If you play badminton frequently, you should consider investing in a badminton bag because you can use it to carry all of your other essential items.  Badminton bags come in 3 sizes (3, 6, or 9 pieces) with the most common size being a 6 piece bag as you can fit everything you need.  Check out our collection of badminton bags.


5) Clothing

Light-weight clothing is the way to go when playing badminton.  Dri-Fit T-shirts are recommended as they are both light-weight and moisture-wicking.  Cotton is also another option, but will be heavier if you sweat a lot.  You may have noticed that badminton shorts are a bit on the shorter side, sitting at around the mid thigh area.  This allows you to move freely on the court especially since there is a lot of lunging done in badminton.  It is also important that you wear appropriate socks.  Thicker socks are preferred over thin ones because they provide more cushioning for your feet and reduces the change of blisters.  Extra clothing is also a good idea for those who sweat heavily.  Check out our clothing collection.


6) Water and Snacks

Water is important for hydration as it replaces fluid loss from sweating.  An alternative would be sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade.  Snacks such as nuts, granola bars, and bananas are great for replacing electrolytes and providing energy to keep you going.


7) Towel

A towel to wipe away sweat is a good idea as you don't want the whole badminton court covered in your sweat when you play.  Water on the courts can be a hazard to you yourself and other players as they can slip and injure themselves.  View our collection of Towels.


8) Extra Grip

Who can deny the comfort of a freshly wrapped grip?  It is a good idea to keep extra grip with you so that you can change it when it wears out.  A fresh grip will provide you with better control of the racket and prevent it from slipping out of your hands. View our collection of grips.


9) Scissors

Should you break your strings in the middle of a match, you can use scissors to relieve the uneven stress placed on the frame of the racket.  This is crucial as it can cause your frame to deform or worse, it may develop a crack and shorten the lifespan of you racket.  It is also useful for when you need to replace your badminton grip.




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