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Even Balanced Badminton Rackets

Even Balanced Badminton Rackets

Even balanced rackets have a balance point that is more or less near the middle of the racket making it all-rounded and well suited for most players.

The advantage of an even balanced racket is that it is suited for a wide range of shots and play-style. 

The disadvantage is that while it is all-rounded, it does not excel in any particular aspect.


Popular Even Balanced Rackets:

Arcsaber 11
Arcsaber FD
Arcsaber FB (Green, Red)
Arcsaber 6FL
Nanoray 800 LT (slight head light)
Nanoray Z Speed
Duora 10 (slight head heavy)
Bravesword 12
Bravesword 9N
Jetspeed 10 (slight head light)
Hypernano X 800
Hypernano X 800 Control
Meteor X 90

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