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Thermal Badminton Bags

Thermal Badminton Bags

Having a badminton bag is essential for badminton players who are serious about the sport.  3 racket bags are often enough for beginners/people who are getting started.  6 racket bags are the most common size in the badminton population while 9 racket bags are more suited for those who are traveling around playing tournaments as they have a lot of gear to carry around.

Badminton bags can store just about everything you need:

  • rackets
  • shoes
  • clothes
  • water
  • shuttles
  • grips
  • phone, wallet, accessories

When choosing a badminton bag, you may have noticed that some of them have a silver lining inside the compartments.  This is a thermal lining that gives your rackets extra protection from the surrounding environment.  Only high-end bags have this feature, but nowadays they are more common and are seen in lower-end bags as well.


What is it?

The thermal lining is a reflective insulating material that is silver in color.  This lining maintains the temperature of its contents, keeping it relatively constant.  Having this in badminton bags will protect your rackets from extreme changes in temperature, preserving the life of both your strings and racket.


Who needs this thermal lining?

This thermal lining can be found in most high-end badminton bags. This type of bag is suitable for players who live in a cold environment as the lining will protect their rackets from changes in temperature.  An example of this can be seen when players are playing in a venue that is heated during the winter time. When they leave the building into the cold outdoors, the rackets inside the bag will be affected by the sudden change in temperature.  This change in temperature can cause damage to the racket's integrity, decreasing its lifespan.

This bag is also useful for players who keep their bags in their car or garage during the winter and summer times. The thermal lining will protect your rackets from the extreme heat/cold.