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Grip and Forearm Strengthening Exercises for Badminton Players

Grip and Forearm Strengthening Exercises for Badminton Players

Grip and forearm strength is crucial in badminton as it is used to generate power in your shots. So if you want to increase the power in your shots, you need to strengthen those muscles.  The muscles in your forearm are much smaller compared to the rest of your body so you do not need to use heavy weights.  In fact, lighter weights are recommended as it reduces the chances of injury. 


1. Dumbbell Wrist Curls

For this exercise, you will need a light dumbbell (1-10lb). This exercise works out your forearm flexors. To do this exercise hold the dumbbell in one hand with the palm facing up and place that arm on a flat surface such as a table or on your leg. Hold the dumbbell lightly in your hand with a relaxed grip so that your hand hangs off the end, this is your starting position.  Keeping your arm still, tighten your grip and curl your wrist up, bringing the dumbbell towards you.  Return to the starting position and repeat the action.  Do this for 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

 Dumbbell Wrist Extensions

 This exercise is the opposite of the Dumbbell Wrist Curls.  Instead of your palm facing up, you want to turn your arm so that the palm is facing down.  This exercise works out your forearm extensors.  You may find that this version is more challenging than the wrist curls as the muscles are not used as often and will be easier with lighter weights. Do this for 3 sets of 10-15 reps

You can do them with both arms simultaneously or alternate between the two.  If you have access to a barbell, you can do them together and this save you some time.



3.  Forearm Blaster/Wrist roller

The forearm blaster is a great tool that works both your forearm flexors and extensors at the same time.  You can buy one online or you can choose to make one yourself. 

To use the forearm blaster, grab both ends of the handle and hold it straight out in front of you, keeping your arms perpendicular to your body, this will be your starting position.  From here, twist the handle in one direction so that the weight starts to move up towards the handle.  Once the weight attached to the rope has reached the handle, reverse the direction to lower the weight.  You should feel your forearms burning when doing this.  Try to do it as many times as you can, taking breaks in between, aiming for 3-5 sets.


4. Hand Grippers

Hand grippers are designed to help strengthen your fingers as well as your grip strength. They come in many different shapes and sizes with some having a higher resistance than others.  You want to squeeze the hand gripper as fast as you can.  This exercise will improve drive shots and net kills. Do this as many times as you can for 3-5 sets.


5.  Training Racket

For this exercise you can use a badminton racket with a head cover on, or a training racket if you want to make this more challenging. This exercise works out both your grip and forearm muscles at the same time as you are doing the same action as though you were playing badminton. To do this exercise, hold your badminton racket in your hand with a relaxed grip.  Pretend you are hitting drive shots by doing a short swing and tightening your grip.  Alternate between forehand and backhand to workout the muscles involved in those strokes.


You can incorporate these exercises at the end of a badminton training session or workout as they won't take that much time to do.  Make sure you stretch out your forearm and hand afterwards to help reduce soreness.  And as with any exercise you do, consistency is key if you want to see results!




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