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Sport Socks vs. Badminton Socks

Sport Socks vs. Badminton Socks

Many avid badminton players out there will spend countless hours picking out a badminton racket, bag, or shoe but often pay little to no attention to the type of socks they wear onto the court. 

Most people wear sport socks when then play badminton.  While these socks are perfectly fine for your average recreational player, they will not work for advanced players who are more aggressive on the court.

What most people don't know is that there are socks designed specifically for badminton.  These socks are more durable and provide more cushioning compared to sport socks.





Sport Socks



Badminton Socks


 You probably can't see the differences just by looking at the two so we created a table below that lists them out for you.

Thinner (less cushioning)

Thicker (more cushioning)

Less durable More durable
Stretchy (less protection)
Not very stretchy (more protection)
Low thread count (more loosely knit) High thread count (more densely knit)
Price $ Price $$$


Sport socks are generally thinner compared to badminton socks and thereby provides less cushioning and is less durable. 

Sport socks have a lower thread count, meaning that the fibers are loosely knit.  You can tell by the tiny holes that form when you stretch the sock.  Badminton socks have a higher thread count, with the fibers more densely knit.  This increases the durability of the sock as well as the amount of protection it provides, preventing blisters on your feet. 

In the image below, you will see what happens when you decide to play in sport socks. 

So if you are a serious badminton player, you better start investing in a pair of badminton socks!









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