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How To Find Your Shoe Size & Width

How To Find Your Shoe Size & Width

Buying shoes can be hard especially if you are buying them online since different shoe brands may be sized differently. This guide will teach you how to measure your foot length and width so that the next time you buy shoes, you will find the right size for your feet. 

Many shoe stores carry a Brannock Device which is used to measure feet length and width.  This is the most common method as it is easily adjustable and quite portable as well. 

Since most people won't have this available at home, they will either have to go to a shoe store or find some other way to measure their feet.  The method we will be using is very simple and can be done anywhere.


What you will need to measure your feet:
-pen or pencil
-ruler or tape measure


To begin, make sure you put on some socks that you normally wear shoes with.  Put your foot on a piece of blank paper and trace the outline, making sure the pen is pointing straight up.  Once you have drawn both feet, you can start measuring.


To measure the length, draw a straight line from the tip of the big toe to the heel.  Subtract the measurement by 5mm (0.5CM) to get your true size.  Take the bigger measurement between your left and right foot as your length.


To measure the width, draw a straight line across the widest part of your foot.  Subtract the measurement by 5mm (0.5CM) to get your true size.  Take the bigger measurement between your left and right foot as your width.


Tips to help you:
-your feet are at their largest at the end of the day so do the measurement then
-measure your feet when you are standing for the most accurate measurement (have a friend outline your feet for you)


Once you have the measurements for your feet, you can take a look at this chart to see what shoe size you should wear.  It also tells you if you have narrow, medium, or wide feet.


How to use this chart:

Using the method above, you should have obtained both your feet length and width.  As you can see, you can look for your measurement in CM and find the corresponding US size.  Once you have your US size, you can also find which width of shoe suits you by comparing with the different widths next to it in the same row.

Eg.  If you are size US 8, then you would look at the US8 row and compare with 3.5", 3.8", and 3.9".

Notice that the width of your feet may fall in between categories.  This is because the chart is just a rough estimate and most shoes are made using an average so that it will fit most people.



This guide should only be used as a reference. Same sized shoes may fit differently depending on the design of the shoe as well as the shape of your feet, so it is best to try them on in store to ensure the best fit. Yumo Pro Shop is not responsible for any incorrect measurements or ordering of the wrong size.


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