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Super Lightweight Badminton Rackets

Super Lightweight Badminton Rackets

Super Lightweight Badminton Rackets

Aside from the usual 3U and 4U variants for badminton rackets, there has been a sudden emergence of 5U rackets and even the lighter 6U and F variants.

==>>If you need a refresher on how the weight system works for badminton rackets, check out our post on How To Choose a Badminton Racket


What is a super lightweight badminton racket?

As far as we know, there isn't a category of rackets called "Super Lightweight" but we will use this name to refer to rackets that are 5U or lighter.  This means that the racket will weigh an average of 80g or lighter!


An obvious advantage to using a lightweight racket is the increased swing speed and improved maneuverability/ handling of the racket.  Lighter weight also means that the racket is great for those who have preexisting injuries or are injury prone.



Since the racket is lightweight, there is less material used in the racket frame, making it more fragile and more susceptible to breakage if contact with another racket should occur. With a lighter overall weight, you can expect the racket to be less powerful compared to heavier rackets.


Common Characteristics

Looking at all the lightweight rackets that we carry, we have found some common characteristics that are shared between most of these rackets.

Head heavy balance (to offset the overall lightness)

Flexible to medium flex (helps with power generation)

High stringing tension (surprising as you would expect a lower stringing tension from a racket that uses less material)

Affordable price! (most rackets are mid-range pricing ~ $90-$130)


Who is it suited for?

A super lightweight badminton racket is suitable for players lacking strength/power in their game!  It is also suitable for players of all levels.

Check out our popular super lightweight badminton rackets

5U Weight (75-79g)

Yonex Nanoflare 170 Light (Blk/Org) | Blk/Blu

Yonex Nanoflare 700 Magenta | Cyan

Victor Auraspeed 90F Purple | Blue

Victor Thruster K HMR Light

Technist Fire-T3

Technist Superfly 7.5

Li Ning Windstorm 78SL III

Li Ning Windstorm 78SL II

Li Ning Windstorm 79H

Li Ning Tectonic 3

Li Ning Aeronaut 6000i


6U/F Weight (70-74g)

Victor Drive X Light Fighter 60

Victor Thruster K Light Fighter 30

Victor Auraspeed Light Fighter 80

Victor Thruster K 15L

Li Ning Blade 73 Light (Blue) | (Pink)

Li Ning Windstorm 72S

Li Ning Windstorm 72 (Org)


2F Weight (65-69g)

Yonex Astrox 22 RX

Victor Thruster K 66

Li Ning Windstorm 74


3F Weight (60-64g)

Astrox 22 LT

Astrox 22F


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