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What Is The Difference Between Low End and High End Badminton Shoes? - Yumo Pro Shop - Racquet Sports online store

What Is The Difference Between Low End and High End Badminton Shoes?

What Is The Difference Between Low End and High End Badminton Shoes?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a low end shoe versus a high end badminton shoe? 

There are 4 key differences that really set them apart from each other. 

1) Cushioning

Low end shoes typically have less cushioning compared to the higher end shoes.  For example, a low end shoe from Yonex will have only a single layer of cushioning compared to a high end shoe which will have multiple layers or thicker cushioning.  It is recommended for higher level players to get shoes with more cushioning as they will be playing at a higher intensity compared to recreational players and will benefit from the extra support.  People who are on the heavier side should also consider getting shoes with more cushioning because it will help protect their knees and joints better.


2) Technology

As you may gave guessed, lower end shoes will have less technology used.  The technologies in the shoes are used to provide extra support and stability.  That being said, high end shoes have better support and stability as well as cushioning compared to the low end shoes.

High End SHB03ZSHB03ZLow End SHB65R

For example, the higher end SHB03Z has an asymmetrical lace design compared to the lower end SHB65R which has straight laces. The asymmetrical design allows a closer fit as it contours around the shape of the foot.

3) Design

When comparing the designs of low end and high end shoes, you will find that the low end shoes are more simplistic with plain looking colours such as white.  High end shoes on the other hand are seen in more flashy and bright colours.  They also feature finer detail in the design when looking at the shoe up close.

High End SH-P9100DLow End SH-A501F

4) Price

And of course, low end shoes are cheaper compared to high end shoes since they have less features and cushioning.  Prices for a low end shoe can range from $79 to $100 while a high end shoe can range from $120 to $169  While it may seem like there is a huge difference in price, a pair of badminton shoes can last for 6 months on average depending on how frequently you play so in the long term it can be worth while to invest in a nicer pair of shoes.

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