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Which TYPE & BRAND of shuttlecocks should I use?

Which TYPE & BRAND of shuttlecocks should I use?

Which TYPE & BRAND of shuttlecocks should I use?

This blog will give a brief insight on the focus of badminton: the shuttlecock! With so many brands that vary in prices and physical appearance, it can be quite confusing when choosing the most suitable shuttlecock for each respective level of play. As a competitive badminton player and coach, I will provide examples and break down the best shuttlecocks for each level of play (recreational and competitive)

1.   Categories used to judge shuttlecocks

how fast the shuttle travels upon impact from the racket. Depending on the quality of the feathers or skirt (plastic-type shuttles), the shuttles will be “too fast or slow”

DURABILITY: how long the shuttle can withstand impact from the racket before getting too worn out. Factors that influences durability is: quality of feathers or skirt, how often the player slices OR miss hits the shuttle (inaccurately hits the shuttle)

2.   Nylon (aka Plastic) vs. Feather

: more commonly known as plastic birds, is used in recreational play or younger badminton settings such as high school and beginner leagues. Other details include:

  • Very durable, can be reused in the future
  • Spongey hitting feeling; described as “dull” but easier to smash
  • Considered the better budget option


FEATHER: the more common type of shuttle used across recreational, competitive and training play. Other details include:

  • Feathers get worn out quickly as the skill level increases
  • Players may break the feathers accidentally, causes the shuttle to fly unevenly and become unplayable
  • Crisp hitting feeling; easier to perform sharp shots such as net shots and slices
  • Used as the standard shuttlecock for professional play


3.   Popular picks at the Recreational level

Victor Champion No. 3 ($27) – Feather shuttlecocks

  • The most popular shuttle among recreational players
  • Has a good balance between durability and hitting feeling
  • Sits at an affordable price for most recreational players
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Hang Yu Tourney No.1 ($29.50) – Feather Shuttlecocks

  • Slightly more durable than the Victor 3
  • Feathers are more resistant to slices, don’t break as easily
  • Also very popular and common in recreational play

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Yonex Mavis 350 ($15.50) – Nylon Shuttlecocks

  • Very durable and can be reused after each playing session
  • Recommended for beginners and young players
  • Available in 3 speed levels:
    • Medium (Blue)
    • Slow (Green)
    • Fast (Red)
  • For reference, Blue is the most popular and standard nylon shuttle used in Canada
  • Each tube contains 6 shuttles

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4.   Commonly played at the Competitive level

Victor Champion No. 1 ($31) – Feather Shuttlecock

  • Commonly used in most tournaments up to the provincial level
  • An upgrade in durability from the Victor Champion No. 3

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Yonex Aerosensa 40 ($45.50) – Feather Shuttlecock

  • Commonly used in national tournaments
  • Regarded as the standard of a competitive shuttle worldwide
  • Can last a full singles match (Best of 3, 21 points)

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If I am playing with a recreational group or doing training drills, then $30 per tube is more than enough. Nylon shuttle would be a better option if the skill level of the group is not that high. The shuttlecocks will have great hitting feeling and durable enough to last a 2 hour playing session.

However, if I am hoping to play at a competitive level, I should prepare for a budget above $30 because the quality of shuttles will need to match the intensity of the strokes performed from the players.

DOES THE BRAND MATTER? all shuttles achieve the purpose of playing badminton but depending on the overall quality of the shuttles and how they are manufactured, there will be noticeable differences.

Bottom line: it comes down to a personal preference and getting accustomed to the hitting feel of the shuttlecocks!

By. Angus Li
Instagram: @angusli.yumo

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