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Why Towel Grip?

Why Towel Grip?

Why Towel Grip?

This guide is projected to players who have “sweaty” hands or who overall find their hands slip from using regular grip tape. One of the most underrated aspects in badminton which involves using the right type of grip, can be a vital part in one’s performance, through comfortability and ability to execute a players’ favourite shots.


For people who are wondering what towel grip is:

It is composed of dense cotton that gives the badminton grip a fuzzy texture. Thicker than usual synthetic or overgrip, towel grip is primarily more handy for players with sweatier hands. For some players, towel grip may feel heavy, due to its thickness but can be balanced if players happen to use 4U weighted rackets.


yonex towel grip - why should i use towel grips for my racquet

Other Grip Types:

  • Synthetic leather
  • Overgrip / mesh grip / super grap
  • Cushion wrap (for base-layer)
  • Towel grip


Some advantages:

  • Better absorption of sweat compared to synthetic grips
  • More comfortable for the resting position
  • Able to adjust thickness of grip


Some disadvantages:

  • May need to apply grip powder to balance out wetness from racket
  • Need to change grip often


A few points to consider when using towel grip:

  • Grip thickness
  • Grip length



Grip Thickness

Also, depending on how thin or thick players want their grip to be, players may choose to use cushion wrap or a layer of any preference of grip, to make their grip thicker. To avoid staining the wood of the racket and helping with sweat absorption, this extra base layer could help solve this problem. However, some players applying towel grip straight to the handle of the racket, without any undergrip is also totally fine. Again depending on how thick or thin players want their racket to feel, many players also find the towel grip to be thick enough.

yonex towel grip yellow - shop for towel grip at yumo.caVictor cushion wrap - make your racket grip size the way you want by layering the thickness you want


Grip Length

Based on preference, players can grip their racket to whatever length they may choose. Whether it ends before the cone of the racket or a little into the shaft, players are able to choose however long they want their grip to be.


yonex towel grip black - shop at 

As I stated earlier, the decision to use towel grip comes down to personal preference. In my opinion, I find that using a towel grip is worth every penny. Since I find my hands very sweaty when I play badminton, I prefer using towel grip over any synthetic grip. Despite the disadvantages of having to change or replace my grip every week (depending on how often you play), I prefer how grippy the towel feels.


Pick up and sample a pack of Yonex Towel Grips and see for yourself how much a difference it makes! Choose from a variety of other Grips from our website as well!


For more information, check out Yumo’s video on How To Apply Towel Grip on Yumotube

Nic Cruz – Yumo Brand Ambassador
Instagram: @nikolo_yumo
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