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Yonex Face Mask: Stay safe and in style! - Yumo Pro Shop - Racquet Sports online store

Yonex Face Mask: Stay safe and in style!

Yonex Face Mask: Stay safe and in style!

Looking for something protective, sporty and stylish?

The Yonex Sports Face Mask may be for you!

Yonex Face Mask

Yonex introduced this Yonex Sports Face Mask and it is:

  • sweat absorbing
  • quick drying
  • antibacterial making it difficult to smell

I've been wearing this mask and I personally like how it is:

  • Stylish. Suitable for when I play in the badminton courts and when I go out and about in the city.
  • Adjustable. The string stopper is adjustable and the mask fits my face perfectly.
  • Fitted. The nose wire contours the shape of my nose and face.
  • Breathable.

Check out my video on my unboxing experience below:

I like how the mask is quick to dry after I wash it, and how the mask covers most of my face.

Get your hands on one of these Yonex Face Masks and find more information on specs/material on our website!

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