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    Head Heavy Badminton Rackets

    Head Heavy Badminton Rackets

    Head Heavy badminton rackets have a balance point more towards the head therefore giving you more momentum in your swing.  

    The advantage of a head heavy racket is that it will be easier to hit smashes and clears as the momentum from the heavier head will increase your racket head speed, applying more force to the shuttle, resulting in more power.

    A disadvantage is that the racket will be harder to handle.  The heavier head will be slower to swing, slowing down you reaction time which is important when playing defense.  It will also place more stress on your arm and shoulder, accumulating fatigue at a faster rate.  

    Popular head heavy rackets:

    Voltric Z Force II
    Voltric 80 E-tune
    Voltric 10 DG
    Voltric Lin Dan Force
    Voltric 50 Etune
    Duora Z Strike
    Jetspeed 12 (Even Balanced but slightly head heavy)
    Thruster K 9000
    Thruster K 8000
    Thruster K 6000
    Hypernano X 800 Power
    Hypernano X 900
    Woods N90-III
    Flame N55-III
    Airstream N99


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