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    Victor New VBS Badminton Strings

    Victor New VBS Badminton Strings

    Victor has come out with a brand new line of badminton strings this year called `VBS`

    The new strings are categorized into three different types: CONTROL, DURABILITY and RESILIENCE.

    Looking at the older line of Victor strings, they were not as popular compared to other brands such as Li Ning, Gosen, Yonex, etc..

    The reason being that the older strings had poor retention of tension and they were coated with an oily substance that impacted the players control of the shuttle.  This substance also made it a hassle to string as the stringing machine had to be cleaned more frequently.

    These strings were put to the test by the Korean National Team and they seem quite pleased with their performance.



    From observation, it seems that the new Victor strings closely resemble Yonex strings in terms of specs and characteristic.  Perhaps they are trying to give Yonex a run for their money.

    It will be interesting to see how they would play and compare.  Stay tuned for reviews on the Victor strings.




    VBS 70

    Repulsion = 7
    Durability = 9
    Control = 6
    Hitting Sound = 8

    VBS-70 is composed with a Thermo-Tech Enhanced Nylon Resin technology both in the center core and the outer layers. It is processed by a deep patterned coating technique offering the durability and outstanding hitting sound.

    VBS 70P [Available in late September]

    Repulsion = 8
    Durability = 9
    Control = 7
    Hitting Sound = 7

    VBS-70POWER is composed of highly endurable 0.70mm multifilament nylon incorporated with a special weaving adjustment for high tenacity. It delivers superb endurability and a forceful hitting feel.

    VBS 69 Nano  [Available in late September]


    Repulsion = 9
    Durability = 9
    Control = 67
    Hitting Sound = 8

    The high intensity nylon incorporated with the special weaving technique and the latest nano technology offers phenomenal attack power and endurance.


    VBS 66 Nano  [Available in late September]

    Repulsion = 9
    Durability = 8
    Control = 7
    Hitting Sound = 7

    VBS-66N is a high technology strong wrapped with nylon multifilament. The core is based on nano technology which gives an excellent resilience and increase string control. It's made retainers the string feel.

    VBS 63   [Available in late September]

    Repulsion = 9
    Durability = 7
    Control = 7
    Hitting Sound = 7

    VBS-63 is a 0.63mm-string wrapped with high-strength multifilament that provides a high and crispy hitting sound. VBS-63 is made from high-strength nylon fiber, maintaining an excellent resilience and durability to achieve a comfortable hitting feel. This string is suitable for the players pursuing good placement and high control.


    VBS 68P

    Repulsion = 9
    Durability = 8
    Control = 7
    Hitting Sound = 7

    The high-strength multifilament nylon core is tensely weaved with high-tenacity “Vectran” fiber to create an incredible hitting feeling which is perfect for offensive players.

    VBS 68

    Repulsion = 8
    Durability = 8
    Control = 9
    Hitting Sound = 7

    The high-tenacity “Vectran” fiber is spun with a special flat yarn to enable a crisp handling feel which is especially suitable for players pursuing high performance in speed and control.

    Used/Trade-In/Blemished Rackets For Sale

    For photos or more information, please email us at or call us at 604-445-0825.  You can come to our store to check them out as well! 

    ***Note: There is no warranty for Trade-in/Used rackets and they do not come with a racket case. If it is a blemished or demo racket from our store, a case will be included.

    Racket cases can be purchased here: 

    Updated:  Jan 18, 2018


    2. Voltric Z Force 2, 3UG5, Aerosonic 26lb, Condition 9.5/10, $200

    3. Nanoray 900 Silver, 3UG5, BG65Ti 24lb, Condition 6/10 , $160

    4. Duora 10, 3UG5, Condition 8/10,  $180

    5. Duora 10 LT 4UG5, Condition 9/10, BG80P 23lb, $180

    6. Voltric Z Force 2, 3UG5, Condition 9.5/10, $180

    7. Arc Z Slash Taufik Edition, 3UG5, SP Code, BGAS 24lb, Condition 10, $180

    8. Arcsaber 10, 3UG5, NBG98 25lb, Condition 7, $160

    9. Arcasber 008 DX, 2UG4, JP Code, BGAS 25lb, Condition 9.5 , $160 

    10. Arcsaber 10, 3UG5, SP Code, BGAS 23lb, Condition 7, $140


    12. Duora 7, 3UG5, BG80 25lbs, Condition 8/10, $170



    15. Nanoray Z-Speed, 3UG4, No Strings, Condition 8/10, $170 



    1. Hypernano X 800, 3UG5, BG80 26lb, Condition 9/10, $140

    2. Hypernano X 990, 3UG5, No Strings Condition 10/10, $170

    3. Thruster K 9900, 5UG5, BG80 26lb, Condition 10/10, $170

    4. Thruster K Onigiri (Green), 4UG5, No Strings, Condition 9/10, $150

    5. TK Onigiri (Orange), 5UG5, BG80P 22lbs, Condition 10, $160

    6. Jetspeed Ahmad, 3UG5, Gosen G-Tone 5 25lb, Condition 8/10, $120

    7. Brave Sword 09N, 3UG5, BG80 26lb, Condition 7/10, $110

    8. Thruster K9900, No Strings Condition 6/10, $130

    9. Thruster K8000, NS880 Z Ti, Condition 9/10, $120

    10. Hypernano X800 Control, 3UG5, BG80 25lb, Condition 10/10, $130

    11. Hypernano X900, 4UG5, BG65Ti 25lb, Condition 10/10,  $180 


    13. Meteor X90 , 3UG5, BG80 24lb, Condition 10, $150

    14. Meteor X80 , 3UG2, BG65Ti 23lb, Condition 7/10, $140

    15. Hypernano X 990, 4UG5, BG80P 23lb, Condition 9/10, $160

    16. Auraspeed 90S, 4UG5, BG68Ti 25lb, Condition 9/10, $190

    17. Auraspeed 90S, 4UG5, BG68Ti 25lb, Condition 10/10, $200

    18. Thruster K Falcon 3UG5, Unstrung, Condition 7.5/10, $160

    19. Thruster K Falcon 3UG5, BG80 28-29lb, Condition, 9/10, $180


    1. N90 IV, Condition 10/10, $170


    27. N90-III, Condition 7/10, $120



    1. Astec Aerostormpro 81s, 3U, BG65 24lb, condition 10, $70

    2. Karakal S-70 FF, BG80P 23lb, Condition 10/10, $130